Sliver is more fun with friends!

Bring your friends to Sliver, Support your favorite streamer, and be immortalized in the Hall of Fame!

How to participate:

1) Create a link to support your favorite streamer.

2) For every referral that you make, you AND your favorite streamer will get a referral point!

3) The 3 streamers and 3 users with the most points will win!




1) DNP3 (Referrals: 910)
2) jasonfalco (Referrals: 283)
3) Carms (Referrals: 117)
4) PrinceMorii (Referrals: 115)
5) Skacle (Referrals: 100)


1) TENZK (Referrals: 102)
2) ReignJordan (Referrals: 23)
3) tehpwnerer (Referrals: 20)
4) Notdevin (Referrals: 8)
5) nitediscord (Referrals: 5)

Final Standings

Friendsgiving Link Generator

Once you created your link, you can start sharing it with your friends!

Streamer Prizes:

First Place

Sponsored Giveaway +  50 Free Subs + Hall of Fame

Second Place

Sponsored Giveaway + 30 Free Subs

Third Place

Sponsored Giveaway + 15 Free Subs

User Prizes:

First Place

Signed Sliver Jersey + Custom Animated Global Emote + Hall of Fame

Second Place

Signed SLIVER Jersey

Third Place

Signed SLIVER Mug

Event Details

A referral is only counted if using a link created with the form above

Streamers can use their custom invite link (

Every referral that a user makes will give that user AND the streamer one point

Users can support multiple streamers during the contest, points will be added up regardless of which streamer is supported

Streamers will receive one point for every referral that they make

Referrals made during Friendsgiving are applicable to any other referral related program

The top 3 Streamers with the most referrals (inclusive of user supported referrals) will win

The top 3 Users with the most referrals will win

Only the 1st Place winners will earn a spot in the SLIVER Hall of Fame

Referrals will be counted from 12:00 AM UTC on November 1st to 11:59 PM UTC on November 30th.

A Streamer is considered anyone with TFuel Streaming capabilities

Users are considered anyone who is not a TFuel Partner or Affiliate (Sliver Stars are eligible as a user)