Introducing the Theta EdgeCast

THETA EdgeCast – the first 100% decentralized video streaming Dapp built on THETA’s native blockchain technology with smart contracts. This technology stack includes the ability to capture video, transcode it in real-time, cache and relay to users globally all through Theta’s peer-to-peer edge network composed of over 9000 edge nodes today.

The Theta EdgeCast is a new technology still in beta.  The EdgeCast will be continually developed and improved.

How to Start an EdgeCast Stream on

Step 1: Download & Install the THETA Edge Node

Theta EdgeCast is available in a completely-redesigned Edge Node application, which now features the ability to broadcast streams. If you already are running the Edge Node it will auto-update to the latest version, or you can download it here:

Step 2: OBS Setup

To broadcast your own stream, you’ll need to use a streaming app like OBS Studio (Open Broadcaster Software, which is free and open-source). If you are using OBS, in the Stream settings set your Service to ‘Custom’, For the Server, use the “Ingest” provided in the ‘Broadcast’ tab of the Edge Node app, and set the Stream Key to whatever you would like. (anything will work here)

Step 3: Start Streaming!

Once you have your Edge Node and OBS setup. Hit the ‘Start Streaming’ button on OBS and you’ll see your broadcast on the EdgeCast app.

Lastly, head over to your Livestream panel on You must be logged in to the see this page. On this page you’ll see the “Start Edge Stream” button. Click on the button and use the Stream ID provided in the ‘Broadcast’ tab of the Edge Node app. Hit the ‘Go Live’ button and your stream will be visible on!