Get ad free viewing and exclusive benefits by subscribing to TFuel Streamers! Subscribers receive cool chat badges, ad free viewing, and adoration from your favorite streamer!


Ad Free Viewing


Get an ad-free viewing experience by subscribing to a channel. Every time you tune into the streamer you are subscribed to, you will be seeing an add-free stream.

Unique Subscriber Badges

Supporting your favorite streamer(s) are recognized! Get an exclusive sub badge to show off how much months you have been supporting a channel.

How to Subscribe

1. Click the 'Sub' button

Every TFuel channel should have a button that will let you subscribe to the channel. Click the button to start the process of subscribing to a channel.

2. See Your Benefits

Each channel should have unique subscriber badges. You should be able to see the badges you can earn for subscribing. Click the 'Purchase Sub' button if you ready to start supporting a channel through a subscription.

3. Enter Your Payment Info

On your first subscription, you will need to enter your payment info. Your TFuel will be used first to pay a subscription, and the payment info you provide will be used as a backup in case you do not have enough TFuel to pay your entire subscription.

Gift Subs

Gift a Subscription

Click on the username of someone in chat. If they are not yet subscribed, you can click the Gift Sub button to give them a sub!