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TFuel Partners


Greetings! I'm Dubpace or "Dub" for short. I am a classically-trained trombonist that is currently making great use of my music degree by streaming video games online. Every day I apply the elements of effective practice that I learned from my music studies to becoming a better gamer. I am currently 26 years young, love all types of games, but I specialize in first/third-person shooters. For the past 10 months I've been focusing my efforts on Fortnite, and I'm currently ranked top 200 in the world for PC solo wins. I very recently discovered, and it is a terrific platform and community. Nothing is better than hitting the llama bell with SLIVER chat!


Hi, my name Is Skacle. I have been streaming for nearly 2 years and have recently became a TFuel Streamer. I enjoy playing Fortnite, and other games which allow me to converse with fellow gamers.


I’m jesse, 24 year old streamer and A married man,
Works in Hospitality till i could go full time!
Started off with CoD 4 on Xbox, but always played on pc with games as Age of Empires, Duke nukem, went to WoW and LoL in 2011.
And started streaming at 18-12-18


Hey party people! I’m Derek. I’m a long time gamer - Mario Maker, CounterStrike & World of Warcraft are a few of my faves. (The only game I don’t play is Tetris because my wife wins every time.)
Recently partnered with Sliver & GFuel - how awesome is that?! Streaming is a passion - love meeting new players and look forward to talking to many more! Watch my gaming for a chance to glimpse my amazing cat & a view of my fish tank!


My name is Liam and I am 19 years old from Liverpool, England. I have played video games since I was 7 years old and transitioned from playing on console to PC in 2015. I began playing CSGO however I have been playing PUBG since late 2016 on a brick of a PC. Since then I have upgraded my PC massively and I am now able to stream and play at the same time which I was unable to do previously. Streaming has always been a release for me and my goal is to create a supportive community who always look out for each other.


Hey there, I’m Deicide! Part time streamer full time Chef, I’m a mid 20’s gamer, boyfriend, and father of two cats 😊 I’ve been gaming since I was old enough to hold a controller, and I excel mostly in FPS and shooters! I was a very competitive gamer as a child, always participating in things like Gamebattles and miscellaneous tournaments on Call of Duty 4 and Gears of War! You’ll see me playing on both PC and Xbox, with the goal of bringing you high tier FPS gameplay and an environment you feel comfortable chatting and hanging out in! Thanks for taking the time to read this, lets win some games and earn some tfuel!


Hello , my name is TeamTNT. TNT stands for Tim and Talia. Both born and raised in the south. Me and my wife have been streaming for the last 3 year's. We've been gaming together for about 7 year's together. We started out playing Call of Duty on Xbox. And still continue to play on console together. We love each and everyone of our supporters and couldn't thank them enough , for letting us continue to grow. Stop by and let's blow some stuff up with the TNT.

TFuel Affiliates


I am a CS:GO streamer. I LOVE to engage with my viewers. I'm a very competitive minded player but I also try to provide people as much fun as possible alongside my gameplay. My boyfriend tenzki found the site and introduced me to it and I was instantly intrigued. I love the new people I can meet and seeing them having fun on the site!


My name is Victor, I am an 18 year old gaming streamer from Sweden. I've been streaming for a few years and so far I've loved every single second of it. I became a TFuel affiliate in the middle of March 2019 & Every stream i've done so far has been amazing. I can't wait to get to know you, pop by in one of my many streams and say hi!


Hello there 🙂 My name is Andrzej (Andrew in English) known as Skorpi94
i like FPS type of games the most 🙂 but u can see me playing everything so everyone can find something to enjoy
im 25 y/o and i still like Cartoons 😋


I was born in the ashes of California, raised by a young humble couple, little did they know he would become this super funny guy..... LOL. Name is Bowtie come on by and let loose, because we are!


Hey I'm Paragon. I am a streamer providing entertainment in FPS style games. You can catch me grabbing wins, raging or having a blast playing with people. I am highly competitive and hate losing, but that happens often, so therefore I rage. If you're lucky enough, you can catch my "Rage Specific" scene on stream. I am a super animated player and you can see me bouncing around, dodging and who knows what else. This provides a high level of entertainment... and a few laughs. Lets Play!


MayorReynoldsWP is a life-long gamer and Mayor of Whitney Point, NY. He became an elected official at the age of 23 in 2010 and was first elected Mayor in 2015. Mayor Reynolds has worked as a gaming journalist and currently hosts the God Mode Unlocked podcast in addition to streaming. The Mayor's channel focuses on battle royale games with the Mayor having declared a quest to win a round of every battle royale that gets released but he does occasionally stream other shooters, MMO's and rogue-likes that he enjoys.


Hey, my name is HumanTripod and our community is filled with bunch of amazing a loving people. We try our best to make sure everyone who stops by has a better day and gets to enjoy some fun gameplay and content <3.


"Hi there! I'm oXyroTH, Alexander is my real name and I'm the single russian speaking streamer here. I live in Minsk, Belarus.
I do streams at least for 3 and a half years. What I usually play are CS:GO and other FPS. I'm glad to see you on my channel. Enjoy, subscribe!"


Hey! I'm EarlBall but you can call me "Earl". I have played video games most of my life, mostly focusing on shooters with Halo and Gears of War being the games i look back on and miss the most. Since then my content has become more about hanging out and having fun than super competitive and sweaty and i mostly play fortnite at the moment. I've been streaming for a bit over a year but just recently made the jump to Sliver full time and am excited for whats to come!


I’m all about YOU!
Team Pixie is number one, and I strive to expose my audience to a variety of entertaining play styles.
Regardless of what we stream we always have FUN!
My audience’s Joy and Intrigue are top priority.

I have a large fan community with tons of fun and engaging individuals, so come say hi!
Tell me about yourself!
The best way to support me and my work is to Follow, Make Predictions, Donate TFuel, and most importantly SUBSCRIBE and HAVE FUN!


I am a 22 year old college student, and streamer! I enjoy streaming and sharing experiences with folks. I enjoying streaming and hope to create a wholesome community!


I am SirLoganMoore! I have been a gamer all my life. I am an avid lover of Comics, Sci-fi, and Dad Rock! I was born and raised in the Kansas City area, I play Destiny 2, and Monster Hunter World. I am a father, first and foremost. You will sometimes see me stream games with my 9 year old daughter Rorrazz.


Hey everyone! I am orohdeo, also known as oreo for short. I'm currently going to college for a double major in Business Management and Marketing. I started my streaming career in January 2018 and loved every second of it! I have now gotten the opportunity to work with Sliver and their community and the ability to not only reward viewers by watching my streams but also providing them with giveaways is truly amazing and something I want to be a part of for a very long time. I'm so thankful for Sliver offering me this opportunity and being able to create our community known as the #OreoPack! See you all around!


My name is James, but most just call me Smee. I am a husband, proud father, football fanatic, and video game enthusiast.


Hello there! I’m Keggerade. I'm a part time streamer that enjoys FPS, and MOBA games. My very first console was the Sega Genesis, and after a long history of console ownership I moved to PC gaming. I love to have positive, engaging, non-toxic, and non-raging streams. I was introduced to Sliver from a friend, and I was instantly hooked. I’ve been a part of communities before, but they never inspired the “home” feeling that sliver does. I cannot wait to see what the future brings! Thanks for reading this, and I hope to see you guys soon!


Greetings! I'm Jstunna aka Jerome. I am a fighting game enthusiast along with being a competitive gamer for a variety of games. Being 28 years old, a cop and finding time to entertain everyone is probably the craziest part of my day. I am not the greatest gamer but I do bring forth the hype and then some hence the Plus Ultra stream. My stream is always laughs and love for my cat and dog. I am here for the community and SLIVER is allowing all the possibilities.


Hey guys, it's ya unidentified flying object Fireball!!! I'm a really loveable person and I try to promote a positive environment for discussion and of course games.

I've been on the computer since I was before 8 playing WoW with my mom. I've had a passion for computers and gaming, and more recently streaming and reaching out to people.
A few things about me, am THE MOST relaxed gamer out there... Little known factoid, fireball has 90% of the time been playing from his bed! I'm not the best gamer, but I love to play casual, and talk and discuss games and various outher topics. Come by and have some laughs in The Cave!!! It's always a warm welcome to see a new face in chat :smiley:


Hi, I am a Pakistani Muslim content creator. I love playing FPS shooting games but sometimes I like to mix it up and play something different. I am happily married and huge believer in world peace. I love SLIVER and the awesome community. They bring me joy. Fun fact about me I am left handed and can speak 3 different languages ( Urdu, Punjabi, English).


I am Danny (Bad Drop Gaming) I’m a proud father of four beautiful kids and a full/part time streamer on Twitch. I started streaming about a year ago in March and I’ve loved every moment of it. I spent 8 years as a combat medic in the US Army! My real life career is an EMT (emergency medical technician) I’ve spent 16 years on the road as an EMT and have since shifted to the corporate world working for amazon as an on-site medical representative. I joined the Sliver community in August of 2018 and began streaming as a Sliver Star since the fall. I’ve been honored to make so many great friends on Sliver and Twitch and would like to continue being a stellar example for all those streamers/viewers/patrons of Sliver and Twitch!


Hey everybody, my name is Justin (aka MOSTFLYPANDA). I am currently a 20 year old college student from Tennessee. Currently studying Graphic design. I've been playing video games for as long as I can remember. Its always been a dream of mine to be able to play video games for a living so I'm still trying to follow that dream. I stream a variety of games, not a fan of just playing one game so you'll never know what I play next. See y'all in the streams.


Hey my name is KrillinTF. I've been a gamer virtually my whole life, starting with Super Mario World for nintendo and then branching out to games like Super smash bros Melee, CSGO, WoW and more. My streams are usually laid back with a big emphasize on PvP games as I love to kill opposing players and assert dominance. If you ever see me live, come stop by and chat!


Hello there, my name is Dejan. I am 26 years old person from Serbia and over the day i am tutor, computer technician, farmer, gamer, streamer and husband.
When i was 16, I asked for allowance to buy better PC and start creating the content, that did not go well. But here i am 10 years later starting the dream with my own money. So never give up on your hopes and always keep your head straight!


Hello! My name is Nastrand, but my friends call me Nasty! My MMORPG History stems all the way back to 1997 with UO. I also enjoy FPS and ARPG games. I started streaming back in the Justin.TV days and have had a passion for gaming since I got my first Atari 2600! Yes I am Gamer OLD (48)! I am competitive though so let's pwn some n00bs together and I hope you enjoy your time with Nasty Nation. NASTY HYPE!


Hello beautiful people! I'm Dale, a gamer, streamer, personal trainer and father of two beautiful boys. I've been streaming for about a year and absolutely love the social aspect of it and die quite often due reading chat over focusing on the game. My main goal is to build connections and meet some awesome people and I am insanely grateful to have the chance to do that here on SLIVER.


Hello everyone! I am a variety gamer, in my mid 20s, and I have been gaming since I was about 5 or 6 years old. The majority of people call me "Grim", some call me "Chief", or some actually marry the two and call me "Grimchief"! I have made a career out of my passion for technology (IT / Network Engineering). With gaming being my other dedicated passion I hope to make something of the opportunity to stream on Sliver and help deliver quality content, positive vibes, community interaction and much more! Streaming mainly: LoL, Apex, SoT and WoW


Hi my name Douglas (Highly Addictive Gaming) a part time streamer on Twitch/Sliver, I am a loving husband and a proud father to a very energetic little boy. I started streaming about 3 years ago because I wanted to enjoy and share my passion for gaming with others as well as distract myself from every day life/stress and just enjoy games with friends. Streaming helped me immensely as I had been suffering stress/anxiety for a very long time, this provided me with a sort of get away or release.

I am currently a Borders & Coastguards officer and I have been working with the agency for over 6 years so far. I joined sliver in 2018 and have been making friends ever since! Shortly after joining Sliver I decided to try and become part of the Sliver Stars program and low and behold I made it Yey. Close to a year later and here we are now part of the Sliver Tfuel Affiliate Family and proudly representing an awesome platform and community. I would like to thank so many of you for your support/friendship and would like to continue to provide entertaining content for all streamers & viewers alike!


Hello I’m PlatinumTissue but most people call me Platinum. I always enjoy fun and stress free gameplay. I grew up playing adventure games and FPS. Right now I spend most of my time streaming Fortnite and Elder Scrolls. I am color blind. I love meeting new people and promise I will talk your ear off.


I have been Streaming For A Few Years. Ive Loved It from the Start! There Has Been Those Ruff Patches I have not felt like streaming but you know what I got Through it! When I found about sliver I was like oh you can win free Gfuel IM DOWN! But Then I learned its a community where I can build and learn with every single Person from 0-100! I Play A Range Of Games From Apex-Fortnite Even Games Like GTA/GTARP! Come Tune Into My Stream Sometime It Will Be Great!


Hello my name is Dave also known as MiniDave, I am 35 from UK. I started my streaming journey 5 years ago. Streaming is my passion and love to meet new people in the community. i do come across as abit of a crazy person but that normal on how i do stuff, but don't be surprise. The type of games i play is Simulators games And MMO. I am a chill guy and love to connect with the people that watches my stream and make them feel welcome.

Joe Fosho

Howdy friends! Joe Fosho here, you're less than average 25yr old streamer from Chicago. I've been in the FPS world since my competitive Modern Warfare 2 days, now I've been messing around a TON with Apex. Whether it's an almost daily Apex grind or my random horror streams I LOVE hangin out with my awesome chat (The Fashomies) and killin it as a Tfuel Affiliate!


I am Fundy a.k.a Keegan. I am a full time college student and have always loved video games ever since I was little. I mostly play Dead by Daylight and other scary games! I am always smiling and laughing to brighten everyone's day!


Full-Time Medical Student and Part-Time Streamer. Showing the world that it’s possible to do anything as long as you have the desire, so dream on dreamer!

And remember, haters don’t really hate you, they hate themselves; because you’re a reflection of what they wish to be!


Hey! My name is Diogo and I'm a former software engineer that decided to drop his job and follow his dream of being a full-time streamer! I'm not afraid of using all the knowledge I gained over the years to create a better world for everyone! You can either find me as TBK or TheBetterKiller and I'm always happy to see you!


I'm Tomasina! I'm a variety streamer that loves to share my journey of discovery through games, from brand new titles to little-known Indie treasures to beloved classics. Every new game is a new adventure and a new opportunity for unforgettable moments, big wins and big fails alike. I'm honored to be in one of the first waves of streamers on such an innovative and exciting new platform, and I hope you'll stop by!


Hello, I am RuflessCat (Roof-Less). I mainly play Fortnite but you might catch me playing other games on some rare or special occasions. Video games have been my whole life and I really enjoy streaming and sharing these moments with viewers. I started with competitive Halo and I hope my ripe age of 28 doesn’t hold me back from more big things.


Hey my name is Bow2beer, I love to chill and hang out, drink some beers. I've been a gamer most of my life, I love meeting new people, so swing by and say hello!


Hello everyone thank you for having me here so a bit about my name is JJ aka rebirthgaming/ rebirth on Discord Im a 28 UK streamer from the midlands who works full time doing this and also making sure I build a great community!
I'm a Ex CSGO competitor and now play games such as GTA and Warframe. I always spend my time getting to know each and ever one of you all here today. Feel free to ask me anything else you wish to.


I'm a fur dad to 2 dogs and 4 cats, a husband to an embarrassed wife and I'm a passionate gamer with a perverted sense of humor! My goal every stream is to make each person that comes by either: a) laugh b) smile c) cringe I'm proud to say I hit c) every time I go live! I mainly play Blizzard games but I will try anything once... A n y t h i n g ...


Howdy there! I'm slugfox. I'm a film production student in the South-East of England and part-time varierty streamer! I like to dabble in a mix of games but I can always go for a solid FPS. I've been experimenting with streaming and new media for years, but got seriously into streaming in late 2018. I love talking to new people and try to make my stream a fun space for all. Hope to see y'all soon!


Just call me Glock :3 I've been gaming my entire life of 29 years so far, starting on the NES all the way till now on PC. My favorite games are Dark Souls, Counter Strike and Kingdom Hearts, however you'll find me streaming Dead By Daylight most often. Filthy Survivor Main, but I play killer too. I'm generally chill, although you will catch me raging over dumb stuff just as often. * Can we clip that? *

SLIVER Superstars


Fl0m is an ex-professional CS:GO player that's now a full time streamer! He is currently playing on team Mythic. Check it out his streams on SLIVER!


I'm a Swede who is an enthusiastic, energetic and hyped streamer! In my 7 year long streaming career I have perfected the art of interacting with the chat, and I'm always trying to deliver good gameplays at the same time. I am constantly trying to help out the viewers over at sliver with their predictionss and also making sure I achieve my objective to win my matches. I found Sliver when they hosted my games 3 times in a row. I love the community, the idea behind the site, all the lovely bots and mods, everything and everyone!


Martin is a 26 year old Swede, who's been streaming multiple games on a high level. Streaming on sliver has probably been the highlight of my streaming career. Interacting with the community and having lots of people cheer me on as I fall to my death is simply amazing 🙂


Fixter is a Swedish professional Fortnite player referred to as pewdiepie’s lost brother on Sliver. Fixter is most often not taking things to serious while playing public solos and trying to interact as much as he can with his chat. Reading chat causes him to choke, at least that is his excuse when he dies. He plays this game as a fulltime job and says that sharing this experience with everyone watching is truly amazing.
“Just bet the opposite to what Fixter say, ez v-bucks” - Sliver fan


While the competitive fire still burns inside of her, entertaining her loyal fanbase almost daily with hours of gameplay, she has become a fixture on Twitch. Overall, Melania is a woman of many talents. Competing, streaming, designing and presenting. My friends and stream team colleagues were featured partners and they spoke highly of it. I love how Sliver gives another dimension to the interaction on stream.


Internationally recognized as the #1 Bearded Female Streamer, Yosoykush lives by the three D's. Doinks, Dinners, and drinks. Found SLIVER when of my friends was featured during the surge on a Friday, and that turned me onto the site. I like the interaction that the streamers can have directly with the viewers, as that is the reason that I stream, to interact with the viewers on SLIVER.


Hey we are a couple of Canadians who love to play games together! We started streaming on this channel just over 2 years ago and fell in love with interacting and building friendships with new people! We found Sliver through another Sliver streamer and were so excited to learn more about it! The sliver community is fun and so interactive it makes playing even that much better!


British former CS pro that has been playing the game for over 15 years! Watch as he now struggles to get over 10 kills in a single game. Discovered SLIVER from other CS SLIVER streamers, and the fun and friendly staff and mods make the streams more fun to watch while giving back to the community.


I'm a 24 year old ex-competitive CSGO player from the UK turned variety streamer. You will mostly be seeing me on SLIVER for League of Legends but you'll also catch me playing CSGO, Fortnite and a variety of single player games. I always try to be as interactive with chat as possible while providing "good" (up for debate) quality gameplay. I've been streaming for over 3 years now and will hopefully continue on for many more!


Hi my name is Darren and i'm a 30 year old streamer from Newcastle in the United Kingdom, I've played video games all my life and I currently am a professional PUBG player looking for a new organisation to represent. I started streaming about 3 years ago on and off but now i'm full time and stream every day. My friend fl0m is also a partner and I learned about SLIVER from himself. I like the prediction system to use coins on certain situations that happens within the game of who you are watching, also owning a crate of my own is pretty awesome.


Former Hearthstone streamer who fell inlove with FPS. People like to watch me because Im funny and do wierd faces 😀 Found SLIVER through friends who streamed for them. That is opens up a bigger window to meet more people who love gaming as much as I do.


Hey over there, a airdrop .... LuL just joking, this is my Profile 🙂 Im a german gamer that plays much shooter Games and stay for about 5 Years on livestreaming. Hope you enjoy my streams and have much fun. Never forget the HYPE IS REAL My Games: CSGO, Fortnite, PubG & New Games. i have a oculus rift and i see that the esl majors in csgo was streamed in 360* on The idea of predicting on streamer games and have fun with the sliver community at every game. The moment where you are on 1v1 at the end of a match and everyone is spamming the chat, THATS THE HYPE I LOVE!


Streaming to the world, to show everyone that if a guy with no hands can do it, then nothing is stopping them from doing it too! It's not about being the best at the game, it's about being the guy in the room having the most fun! That's all it takes to inspire and motivate people! I am honoured to say Sliver found me, and it's been a great ride ever since! I love the fun they have as a community on Sliver, and how supportive the sliverinos are of all the streamers, even though we all have very different styles!


Hi! My name is Blender and I'm an up and coming youtuber and streamer for League of Legends. I'm currently a low Diamond Jungler and have an account that has every available skin in the game! I always open the new loot boxes the day they come out so if you have any questions about the new loot in the game feel free to ask me when I am streaming. I'm also an extremely high level in the game and had over 2100+ ranked games in season 8. I am really excited to be a part of Sliver and this great community!


Hey guys I’m MacAttack1911 or Mac for short. I have been streaming for just over a year, and love every minute of it! Nothing beats hanging and chatting with the community. Got a question just ask! You will mostly catch me streaming League of Legends but I do dabble in FPS sometimes. I found Sliver from a buddies panels, I joined their discord and started interacting with the community, the rest is history.


I’m RicanTheBarbarian (Name inspired from Conan The Barbarian) I’m a from South Bronx, NY and now live in Texas. I was in Field Artillery when I was in the Marine corps. 2008-2012. I’m a man of little words and prefer to use big actions, which is also from what I derive my name from. I intend to conquer, smash and decimate whatever I put my sights on. Intensity and Ferocity is my forte. Though with that being said, I’m really laid back and prefer to entertain people by making them laugh away their problems. I’m 5’6 with a giant of a heart.


I'm Josh, aka the Taco King. I have been gaming since I was 10 years old. I originally got competitive in Gears of War for xbox and transitioned to a computer later on. I currently can be found streaming/playing League of Legends and CSGO with the boyos. My main goal is to get the viewers laughing, show off some quality game play, and meet a lot of new friends, which Sliver has helped me do!


I'm 25 years old, and have been a streamer for 3+ years now! Love building a community and making connections with people from all over the world. I got emailed first by Kyle about sliver and if I'd like to be featured when I was a CSGO streamer. 🙂 I enjoy Sliver because I get to interact with an audience I might not have been able to before.


CSGO Caster who also has a little talent in the game, Also a beast at Fortnite, won 1 out of 175 solo games. I found out about sliver surge on my channel on December 1st 2017. The ability to reach some many people and countries around the world with one website


I'm just an all around lover of video games and talking to people, so what better way to do that then stream and interact with everyone on I play Fortnite, CS:GO and PUBG along with over 150 games on steam. I found out about SLIVER from YoSoyKush, and I love SLIVER as a community because its not only a place to have fun and win free prizes, but its a family when you see the same people every day!


31 year old from the UK. Started streaming in December 2017 to share my 15 year passion for the CounterStrike franchise. My goals are to become a well known figure within the CS:GO community that tries to promote positivity and enjoyment within the game whilst passing on the knowledge that I have gained over the years. Our community the "Brotherhood" has incredible people who welcome all new viewers and players making you feel right at home.


I'm Mikolas, 24 yo Czech ex-professional CS player, right now full time streamer and League of Legends caster. I'm always trying to be quite educative for my viewers and community, most of the time streaming League of Legends and Apex Legends. In the past I also worked as a manager of esports team, got my own roleplaying game project and much more!


"I'm a german content creator trying to entertain people in english. I play a variety of games and enjoy meeting all the new people in my Stream.
Hope to meet you too.