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Hey SLIVER Stars,
This e-mail is to update you all about SLIVER Stars opportunities and other updates. We hope to be sending you all informational emails moving forward to keep you up to date what is going on with SLIVER Stars and SLIVER as whole.

Read the SLIVER Stars Guide
We found the importance in providing more information about being a SLIVER Star. This document gives an overview about the program as well as additional information regarding our Partner Program. We will be updating this document as changes are made moving forward

Stars Streamer Guide

Do Not Advertise Social Streaming Platforms While Featured
Similar to our expectation to not advertise non-SLIVER giveaways during your featured slots (since we are running them 24/7), we are requesting that you also refrain advertising Social Streaming Platforms during your featured slots. This also includes any chat bots that allow users to earn credits for social streaming platforms. Our MOTGs will ask you to remove such advertisements from overlays and chat during featured slots. We will also not embed your chat if there is a chat bot promoting another social streaming platform. This expectation is for when your channel is featured on SLIVER.

Featured Stream Expectations
We wanted to make sure you are aware of expectations when featured on

  • Have your SLIVER OBS Overlay clearly visible

  • Make sure to acknowledge SLIVER

  • Have !SLIVER command in your chat

  • Have SLIVER somewhere in your stream title

  • Do not advertise any giveaways or social streaming networks not associated with SLIVER

  • Streams in English, with a facecam, and at least 720p resolution are most engaging to the SLIVER viewing community

This is also defined in the Stars Streaming Guide

Stars Promotional Content
The SLIVER Stars program is starting to get some attention from potential sponsors. We want to hear from YOU about how the SLIVER Stars program has been valuable. We're putting together a promotional video for the SLIVER Stars program. If you want your content in it, please send over clips / videos about being a SLIVER Star by this Friday. Our video editor will be putting together an awesome video to help potential sponsors understand how great this program is.

MVMT SLIVER Stars Bounty
Interested in the fancy MVMT products that we have promoting across the site? We have an exclusive promotion just for SLIVER Stars. We will be sponsoring a MVMT Premium Giveaway crate to any SLIVER Stars streamers interested in participating in this promo. The Stars with the top number of entries in their giveaway will be eligible to receive free MVMT product. If you are interested in this bounty program, please reply to this e-mail with the message" "MVMT"

Featured Slots for 12/16-22
We created a new format to assign featured slots to everyone for next week. We have made a form that you will need to fill out if you are interested in featured slots next week. Please have this form submitted by 11:59PM PST on Wednesday, Dec 12. We'll be posting the Stars featured schedule this Friday (by 7pm PST)

Thanks for taking the time to read through this. We'll catch you on your streams!