What is the SLIVER Spotlight

The Spotlight is an opportunity for YOU to have YOUR SLIVER channel featured on SLIVER.tv. During the Spotlight, you have the tools to make your own predictions with your content to create engaging experiences for your viewers!

How can I have my channel on the Spotlight?

1) Be a current member of the SLIVER Stars Streaming Community
Apply for SLIVER Stars

2) Read the Spotlight Manual
Read the Spotlight Manual

3) Have your channel accepted to be a part of the Spotlight
Apply for the SLIVER Spotlight

Frequently Asked Questions

When do I receive Theta that is donated to me?
- Theta is batched in quantities of 100. You will need to have a total of at least 100 donated Theta for it to be processed into your balance.

How many giveaways can I run?
- The prizes sponsored on Spotlight channels should only be drawn a maximum of 2 giveaways an hour.

- Spotlight schedules should have been shared with you upon acceptance to the Spotlight. Please refer to that document to reserve slots. There is a schedule for both regular Spotlight as well as IRL Spotlight. We should be opening more spotlight opportunities in the near future.

How Do I know If my Spotlight time is Over?
- Prizes will only be queued in your Mod Tool when it is your designated Spotlight time. You will not have prizes visible in your channel mod tool if you are not currently on the spotlight.

When should I start streaming?
- It is recommended that you start streaming at least 15 minutes before your Spotlight time. This will be very beneficial to ensure you have everything setup for your featured time.

I can't log into my mod tool?!
- Requesting a new password through the "Forgot Password" feature on the SLIVER login page should provide a valid password that can be used both on the SLIVER.tv website as well as the mod tool.