Looking to acquire one of the most sought after GFUEL Shakers in the history of forever?

You've came to the right place!

This page will show you all the ways you can win this special shaker.


These shakers can periodically be found in SLIVER airdrops. They are most commonly most prominent in our weekly Friday GUEL Airdrops.

Fortnite Giveaway Crates

SLIVERtv GFUEL Shakers can currently be found in the Fortnite GFUEL giveaway crate.

In the Store

You can use the Theta you saved up to purchase the awesome shaker directly in the store. They sell out quick!

Channel Giveaways

You can find shakers included in the regular giveaway on the Fortnite and CoD channels.

Wednesday GFUEL Grand Giveaway

You can find SLIVERtv GFUEL Shakers in the Weekly GFUEL Grand Giveaway