This is Salt, and if you are receiving this message you have at one time been a part of the SLIVER Stars program. Big thank you to everyone who was and is currently active with SLIVER Stars. This program has been the foundation of all of our other streamer programs. SLIVER as a platform has changed so much over the past year, and I wanted to keep you all up to date with our newest update.

If you haven’t seen SLIVER.tv recently, we’ve revamped just about our entire site. Users can more easily find the channels that they are following as well as discover new channels to watch. We have simplified many aspects of SLIVER to make it much more welcoming to new users.

With this platform update, we will be making the following changes to best serve and support the streamers, partners, and users on our platform.

The following are the changes to expect:

1) We will be retiring the Fortnite, WoW, LoL, CoD, and APEX featured channels and Spotlight Program.
Considering the changes made on the platform and overall interest in these featured channels, we are retiring these channels. We may bring back one or more of these channels in the future. We hope to reallocate the resources and real estate previously used by these channels to highlight more individual channels. The spotlight program will be integrated into the SLIVER Stars program as detailed later in this email.

2) We are reworking the CS:GO channel
Our CS:GO channel has maintained it’s status as a user favorite. As the CS:GO has been a staple of SLIVER, we really want to focus on making this channel great. We will be making some changes to this channel’s operation and prizing (maybe even the return of CS:GO skins).

3) SLIVER Stars can be granted access to sign up for our sponsored channels times 
(Splitgate and notmycar at this moment)
We have been working with various game developers, and we wanted to extend an invitation to all SLIVER Stars who are interested getting featured while playing sponsored channel games. Feel free to submit this form if you would like access to our Splitgate and notmycar channel schedules: https://forms.gle/3TY4fSkM38HmiPTc7

4) SLIVER Stars are granted access (upon request) to use items from their inventory in their prediction giveaways 
With the new platform changes, we have additional placements on the front page and new nav bar for channels that have giveaways open. You will be able to use custom prizes (this can literally be anything you can imagine) or any item in your SLIVER inventory to use in your giveaways with your own predictions. With the retiring of featured channels, we will have more placements where inidivual channels can be discovered. Channels that have a giveaway open are likely to be more visible to users. This will be operated through the mod tool. If you haven’t used it before, here is a little guide: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1LqDUkY49w0LqD-sJTkIzxOnTKpCLmrZRnuPplOcoI6U/edit?usp=sharing

This means that any channel will become a spotlight channel if it is live and has a giveaway open. 

Inventory Mod tool request form: https://forms.gle/9Mw9psuhZbFNxP4C7

5) Restructuring of Streamer Roles
We’ve streamlined our Streamer roles in the effort to make our streamer programs much less confusing. The ‘Featured Partner’ role will be renamed as ‘SLIVER Superstar.’ They will have their benefits including USD Payouts grandfathered over. There will be no new streamers added to the ‘SLIVER Superstar’ role. If you want to checkout the new streamer role details, check out this page: https://community.sliver.tv/streaming-on-sliver/

These changes are scheduled to take place around 7pm PDT on Tuesday, July 30. 

In addition any followers you have on SLIVER should receive a notification if you go live on your linked Twitch account. We’ve also added some cool custom overlays / alerts, so make sure to check that out in your Streamer Dashboard.

Thank you all for taking the time to read this e-mail. Expect to see more really cool updates on SLIVER in the near future.

Josh (Salt)