Now that you’ve been accepted into the Influencer Referral Program, you need to know a few of the “cheat codes” or best practices for generating the most referrals from your YouTube audience, so you can win the most bonus tier awards from SLIVER.

For YouTubers, one thing that has worked well for others is to make un-crating videos.  People love to watch influencers uncrate dozens (or even hundreds) of crates at a time and see what you win.  The best part is, with SLIVER’s new “My Channel” feature, we can even give you a tool that lets you create your own custom Giveaway, and automatically let your fans win these prizes from your crates!   We handle all the magic on the backend of them entering your Giveaway, picking the winners, and transferring over your crate prizes to them.

We have seen multiple SLIVER influencers with medium-sized YouTube audiences get thousands of referrals in just a few days using this technique.  It’s possible to get 20,000 in under a week!

Here’s your Action Checklist:

  1. Post your invite code to the description of your YouTube page(s)
  2. Record yourself opening a bunch of SLIVER crates
  3. Post that video to your YouTube
  4. Ask your SLIVER rep to enable your “My Channel” feature
  5. Configure your “My Channel” Giveaway, and then tell your followers about that link
  6. Profit…