Season 4: Explore the THETA-verse

As Autumn approaches, Timmy and Tammy have decided to adventure out in their space station. They will be docking in orbit at various habitable planets throughout the THETA-verse this season.

Streamers can submit their planets as destinations for Timmy and Tammy to visit, offering a single stream front and center for the whole THETA-verse to witness. 

The space station may even drop rare, shiny collectibles down upon the delightful inhabitants of the planet before it pulls away from orbit and starts its journey towards the next exciting destination.

The season 4 planet route map can be accessed in the command center.

We’ll see all you travelers throughout the THETA-verse during Season 4, beginning August 28th!

Claim Your Streamer Planet

If you want a planet, you’ll need to plan it!
Create a planet and explore the THETA-verse with Timmy & Tammy in Season 4!

Planets are events hosted by our streamers that we will be launching off on

What makes a good planet?  
1) Put your participants first: Make sure the event is fun for everyone who wants to be a part of it
2) Be creative: We all want to see some new events to get excited about. Have fun, and come up with clever ideas to get people interested
3) Plan it out: Make sure to think through every aspect of your event. Think who, what, when, where, and why when putting together your event ideas!

Be sure to avoid asteroids like poor planning, showing up late, or failing to execute the stream that you originally proposed.