Welcome to SLIVER.tv’s Getting Started Guide for the “My Channel” feature.  This is currently an invite-only feature for streamers and influencers including Youtubers.  Your own channel on SLIVER.tv will let your followers check out your streams, win Giveaways (that you control), chat with each other, and grow your social following (Twitter, Facebook, etc).

To get started:

1.  Contact SLIVER.tv personnel to activate you as a partnered influencer.  We will assign you a custom referral link and activate your “My Channel” menu option.  

2.  Login to your account at SLIVER.tv, click your avatar at the top and see the new “My Channel” Option:


Now, you will start configuring your SLIVER.tv Channel..

3.  Connect to your Twitch account:4.  Set up your Grand Giveaway:

5.  Select any prize(s) to give away from your Unclaimed Inventory.  Then hit “Create Raffle”:

6.  Set-up your social actions (such as “follow you on twitter”):

7) Click ‘Start Raffle’ to make your giveaway public:


That’s all it takes to get started creating your own SLIVER.tv Channel.  Once your channel is live, be sure to tell your followers and subscribers about it, and post the link.  We will be adding more features soon, and we’d love to get your feedback and ideas.


Your friends at SLIVER.tv