What is a MOD on SLIVER?

Being a SLIVER Mod is a voluntary role to help nurture a welcoming environment for all users, streamers, and first time visitors to SLIVER. We expect our mods to lead by example to role model a friendly community throughout our chats and Discord. 

What are the requirements to become a mod?

The requirements to become a MOD are as follows:
- 18 Years or Older
- Must have been active on SLIVER throughout the past 30 days
- Chat history reflects a positive impact to the community
- Must fill out the application below

What do I get as a Mod?

Starting Oct 1, 2018: Mods will no longer be able to win Giveaways nor Grand Giveaways

The SLIVER Mods should find value in having in the positive impact on the SLIVER community. To show appreciation for Mods, we will be introducing Mod exclusive giveaways and monthly rewards. Any Mods found to be only involved in the program for rewards will be immediately terminated.

How do I know if I am chosen to be a mod?

After submitting an application, you should be emailed about the opportunity of being a Mod if you are chosen. Feel free to contact SLIVERSaltBot on Discord if you have any questions regarding the Mod Program.

How do I remain in the Mod program?

Mods should be active in chat throughout each week to remain in the Mod program. Any inactive Mods will be exempt from rewards and may be removed from the program.

Mod Application
Please fill this out if you are interested in being a Moderator on SLIVERtv.
Please provide an e-mail address that you check regularly
All SLIVER moderators must be over the age of 18. Please provide your date of birth including the year.
Preferably in PST
Let us know which languages you are fluent in.