What is the Influencer Referral Program?

SLIVER offers rewards to Influencers (such as streamers and Youtubers) for spreading the word about SLIVER.tv to their viewers and fans. If someone you refer signs up for Sliver, you can both earn a reward!   In addition, there are bonus kickers for you and your fans at certain milestones. The requirements and reward amount can vary, but the most current promotion is summarized below.

How does the program work?

This is an invite-only program.  Influencers are each assigned a unique referral link, which can be found by signing in to SLIVER and visiting the “Referral Link” page (we can also provide a custom vanity referral link upon request). Simply send your link to followers and fans via email, text, social media, etc. If they sign up via your link and are a qualifying user, you both earn your reward.  On top of that, at certain milestones (e.g. 100 referred users), additional bonus kickers are awarded. Here is the current promotion, below:


Reward Matrix for SLIVER Influencer Program
For EVERY qualifying referral 1 Referral Crate for you + 1 Referral Crate for each Referred User
For EVERY 100th qualifying referral 1 Premium Streamer Crate ($10 avg value, and chance of x fan gift codes for you to give to your fans) – great for uncrating content
Milestone: at 500th qualifying referral Sliver tee + Custom URL (YOURNAME.SLIVER.TV)
Milestone: at 1,000th qualifying referral 1-hr featured slot streaming on Sliver
Milestone: at 5,000th qualifying referral Sponsored Sliver Giveaway (accelerate your FB, Twitter, Instagram follows)
Milestone: at 10,000th qualifying referral Become a Sliver Partner


What do my friends need to do?

For you to qualify for your bonus, your friend has to sign up for SLIVER using your unique link when they sign up (this is how we’ll know who sent them!).

When will I receive my bonus?

Generally, you can expect to receive your referral bonus within 30 days of your referral’s qualifying sign-up.

How many friends can I invite?

There is no limit.  You can invite all the fans, followers, viewers, friends, family members and coworkers you know.  However, please be aware that in order to receive credit, members have to be new to SLIVER

Will my friends receive unsolicited emails?

We respect your friends’ privacy and will only send email invitations to them at your request. Once your friends join, they’ll be able to adjust their email preferences.

Referral Terms and Conditions 

Influencer Referral Program Application