Hi SLIVER Featured Partner!

Hope you’ve been doing well. We wanted to give you an update as we’ve been hard at work creating and optimizing features and programs to best support streamers of all sizes on SLIVER.tv. Currently we are in the process of making changes with our streamer programs to effectively scale in the near future. We’re looking forward to having our Featured Partners get more involved as we work together to grow farther.

**** The following changes will be effective starting the week of April 7 ****

**** Please submit the form at the end of the e-mail ASAP ****

1) Google Docs / Discord / Partner Page Cleanup

We are creating more organized systems for our featured partners. We are looking to make sure everyone who still has access to various Partner communication channels are still active. Filling out the form at the end of this e-mail will help us with this process.

2) Featured Channel Schedule Changes

Starting for the week April 7, we will be moving to new spreadsheets on all of our featured channels. We are doing this to make sure we have permissions cleaned up. In the form at the end of this e-mail, please answer the questions regarding scheduling to help us develop new schedules. We are expecting to release weekly featured channel schedules every Friday moving forward. You must fill the form below to get access to the new schedules. 

We will be providing unique rules to each of the featured channel schedules. Please take a moment to read them once you get shared with them.

3) Featured Channel Predictions Tools

We’ve been receiving quite a positive response to how our current APEX and Spotlight channels are currently operating with live streamer predictions. Moving forward, we are moving to implement that featured streamer (or one of your trusted mods) manage the predictions during featured slots. This is a great opportunity to better engage users on SLIVER with the flair that is unique to your channel. We will still be sponsoring prizes on featured channels moving forward.

Don’t have a mod? Feel free to ask members on our Discord if they would be interested helping you out.

Please read this guide how to use these tools: Running Featured Channel Predictions

4) Featured Partner Expectations

We have two expectations for Featured Partner streamers to maintain your SLIVER Partner Status:

[1] Stream at least 10 featured hours on SLIVER per month
[2] Have yourself or one of your trusted mods actively manage predictions during your featured times

5) New Featured Partners Coming

Our SLIVER Stars (Affiliate Streamer) program has already grown to over 500 streamers since November. We will be opening up the Featured Partnered role to the top streamers from the Stars program. Many of these streamers have been really eager about being a part of our partner program, and we would really appreciate all of our current Featured Partners to serve as role models (as you already are) to these aspiring streamers.


I’m sure there will be some things that will be ironed out throughout this transition. We’re looking forward to make these changes to create a better overall experience for all of the users and streamers on SLIVER.

Make sure to checkout our new SLIVER Streamer info page if you haven’t already: https://community.sliver.tv/streaming-on-sliver/


Josh (Salt)