If you are reading this page, I hope you are excited to claim your $10 Steam credit

This prize is essentially a $10 USD Global Visa Card

This guide will show you how to load a prepaid card in which you can use it on Steam!

Step 1: View the Steam Gift Card prize in your inventory.

Step 2: Click Claim on the prize. Make sure that your country is not on the excluded list.Step 3: You will be given a link to claim this prize. Go to the link provided to move to the next step of claiming your prize. In the case you do not see this link, You should be able to see all of your redeemed prizes in Settings -> Transaction History -> Redemption History

Step 4: You will need to register your Virtual Visa. IMPORTANT: Make sure to remember the name, e-mail address, and address used as you will need to use them again for future steps. 

Step 5: You will be given a code to be used in the next step. Copy this code and click “Activate My Card!” to enter the next step. 

Step 6: Paste the code you received in Step 5 into the “Claim Code” field on the following entropay screen. Click “Claim Money” after you have entered the code.  Step 7: Create an account. Make sure you the same information that you provided in Step 4 Step 8: Complete the remainder of the account creation form and click ‘Create Account’ Step 9: After your account has been created, you will receive a notification that you have received a payment. Click ‘Accept’ to continue. Step 10: You will be given a confirmation that money has been added to your wallet. Feel free to take the tour to learn more about this service or click “skin and start using Entropay now” for the next step. Step 11: Create your first Entropay card. If you do not find this screen immediately, there should be a ‘Cards’ button in the top navigation. From here, click on the ‘Create Card’ button. 
 Step 12: Add whatever nickname you would like to name your card then click ‘Create Card’
 Step 13: You will now see the following screen. Click ‘Top Up Card’ to add the balance you received onto it.  Step 14: Use the WALLET as your top up method and enter the amount that you received in step 6. This value should commonly be $10 USD Step 14: After adding a balance, you will have a card that is now usable! You will need the information that will be displayed on the card to purchase V-BucksStep 15: Proceed to the following link and add $10 funds to your account
Step 16: Sign into steam if you are not already logged inStep 17: Click the Visa payment method in the dropdownStep 18: Enter the information from the card from Step 14 and make sure you use the same address you provided in past steps.Step 19: As you proceed to checkout, click ‘Purchase’ to complete your orderStep 20: Congrats! You have now use your Steam credit to purchase new games or items in the Steam Market