How It Works

Watch & Win!


Playing is entirely FREE!

Earning coins, making predictions, and winning prizes are all FREE! No need to deposit skins or money, or do anything other than WATCH, PLAY, and WIN.

The more you watch, the more coins you earn

Every minute of watching earns you 10 coins to start, up to a maximum of 5,000. Use those coins to make predictions, then keep watching to earn more.

The more tickets you get, the more chances to win

Getting your predictions right, earns your tickets for the current prize. Sometimes a prediction pays out 2:1, sometimes more!

Earn at least 1 ticket...and you get a CRATE!

Along with the main prize, each person who gets a ticket from the current match by predicting correctly, gets to open our giveaway crates.

Every match there's a new prize, around the clock 24/7!

Every match there will be a prize and crate displayed. Participate in the predictions to get tickets, and one lucky ticket holder will be drawn for the main prize, and ALL ticket holders will get the crate. Not bad right?


Every match we give out crates to all ticket holders in the current giveaway. Make a correct prediction, and you're guaranteed a crate. Bigger matches often have better crates with higher drop rates. Crates can have coins, buffs, or skins. Crates can always be found and opened later from your inventory, and everything you win will also be placed in your inventory.


Coin buffs are special items that BOOST the RATE your earn coins when watching matches. You have a total of 4 slots you can apply a coin buff to, and the coin buffs STACK. So yeah, if you save them and apply 4 at once, you could earn way more coins than everyone else!

Cap buffs are items that increase the cap on the coins your earn when watching. By default you will cap out at 5,000 coins. Applying a cap buff will raise that limit, letting you grind out earning coins for longer before you need to use them.


Grand Giveaways are held around big events. For Grand Giveaways, you use your coins to directly purchase tickets. We'll typically do LIVE drawings of the giveaway, so you can watch yourself win on stream and get showered with congrats from the community. (but you'll probably hear a hint of jealousy)


Diamonds are a virtual currency you can spend to get special items on While Coins are used to make predictions and enter giveaways, Diamonds are for items. Currently you can get Diamonds for installing our Mobile Apps. Even more can be earned by completing special offers once in the app. In the future you'll be able to purchase Diamonds as well.


Is this really free?

There is NO COST at all to play, there is no payment or purchase needed. You are given free coins when you create an account, when you stay and watch our livestream, and answer trivia questions correctly. Coins can’t be purchased. So yeah, that’s about as free as it gets! Just have fun, play, and hang out.

What are coins used for?

Coins are used to make predictions for each match including “Who will win” and other fun quizzes. For example, “Who will win this match?” Team A or Team B costs 100 coins to enter. If you have a correct prediction, you’ll earn 200 free tickets for the drawing. So, the more coins you play the more chances of winning.

How do I win prizes?

Prizes are randomly chosen from everyone who made correct predictions. Each ticket you win with a correct prediction, will act like an entry in the drawing. In other words a correct prediction that gave you 400 tickets, means you have 400 chances to win in the randomized drawing. You must have a correct prediction to be a part of the random selection. Wrong predictions will not be counted towards the drawing, you can try again next match.

How do I get crates?

1 crate is given out to every ticket holder, in every match. So if you make a prediction and are correct, you're guaranteed to get a crate! Not bad right? The crate can be opened on the spot, or you'll find it in your inventory for later.

I won! How do I get my prize?

If you're the lucky winner for the main prize or in crates, it will be found in your inventory. You'll need to connect with Steam, and enter a valid Trade URL in order the withdraw a CSGO skin.

How do I get more coins?

You earn FREE coins as you watch the livestream and even more coins by answering fun trivia questions correctly and opening crates. Trivia questions pop up every now and then, so be sure to stay on the page. It’s completely free! You also get 200 FREE coins when you create an account. There is a current limit of 5000 coins per user account for viewing the livestream. Any coins gained from trivia, crates and other future sources is not part of this limit.

When is the next drawing?

There is one drawing for each match of the live-stream. The live drawing is run after the match ends. If you missed one, just wait for the next match and a new prediction will show on your screen.

Can I have multiple accounts?

No. Having multiple accounts will result in a permanent ban.

CHAT RULES's number one priority is to create a happy, healthy community of gamers who love watching CS:GO, playing our game, and hanging out. Please respect these rules and and kindly remind others as well.


...and above ALL