This prize is essentially a $10 USD Global Visa Card 

This guide will show you how to load a prepaid card.

Step 1: Click Claim on the prize. Make sure that your country is not on the excluded list.

Step 2: You will be given a link to claim this prize. Go to the link provided to move to the next step of claiming your prize.

Step 4: Copy the “Digital Token” displayed on the screen. Click ‘here’ to proceed to the next step. 

Step 5: Login in with the Digital Token you received in Step 4

Step 6: You will need to register your Virtual Visa. IMPORTANT: Make sure to remember the name, e-mail address, and address used as you will need to use them again for future steps. 

Step 7 : Choose the Virtual Visa Card option as there are no fees and you will be able to use the Virtual Visa instantly. 

Step 8 : Confirm the balance on the card

Step 9: CONGRATS! You the card information you can use as payment method just about anywhere. 

Step 10: Create a Digital Wallet to store this card. You can use this wallet to store future cards you win on SLIVER in the future.