EdgeCast on THETA.tv FAQ

My stream is not working properly

As the stream on the EdgeCast is 100% powered by the THETA Network, you may run into some delay if you do not have the adequate bandwidth to power your stream or do not have enough peers to deliver your content. 

Can I earn a TFuel Pool from my EdgeCast stream?

Instead of earning TFuel via the TFuel Pool on THETA.tv,  earning TFuel is available via the Edge Node app. Your Edge Node wallet is separate from your THETA.tv account’s TFuel balance. This means any TFuel earned via the Edge Node will go directly to the wallet attached to it. Any donations or subscription credits earned on your channel will go directly to your THETA.tv account balance. 

There is a delay on my stream

The the THETA EdgeCast is still in beta and is still currently being developed. You may have a noticeable delay on your stream as the content is delivered 100% by the THETA Network. We are continuing to optimize our infrastructure to lower this delay. 

Am I able to clip or rewind a EdgeCast stream?

At this moment, only the live EdgeCast stream is able to be viewed. All visible EdgeCast streams will only display the current broadcast at that given time. We’re currently in the process of expanding the features of the EdgeCast streams.

Do I receive a stream key once I hit monetization from EdgeCast streaming?

Becoming monetized as an EdgeCast Streamer does not result in receiving a stream key. We are constantly working to improve our infrastructure to make the streaming experience better for all. .