We are back with another Theta Sliver Surge!

Tune into our Fortnite channel between 1-3pm PST on Friday, April 27th to witness a smaller streamer get SURGED by the Sliver and Theta community.

5 Theta donators will win a Playstation 4 console

The top 3 Theta Token donators to the surge streamers, and 2 randomly chosen Theta donators, between 1-3pm PST on Friday, April 27th all win a Playstation 4 Console ($300).
Deposit your own Theta Tokens and get additional Theta by winning it in crates or making a prediction every day

Donate your Theta Tokens to the Surge streamer and watch their crazy reaction when they receive one HUGE donation from SLIVER at the end of the SLIVER Surge!

New VIP Theta crates are also available!