The top tier gaming apparel brand J!NX has landed on SLIVERtv.Β  They have combined elite comfort that can handle the longest gaming stretches with designs guaranteed to explode heads, and you have the opportunity to win some merch on SLIVERtv.!

New Crates

Checkout the new GET REKT crates on each of our channels. Win some sweet prizes including J!NX apparel.Β 

Grand Giveaways

New Grand Giveaways!

Day 1 - Saturday 9/1 - LoL
Day 2 - Sunday 9/2 - CSGO
Day 3 - Tuesday 9/4 - Fortnite

Daily Giveaways

But wait.. there’s more! Every day, THREE TIMES PER DAY, at 12pm, 8pm, and 4am PST, we’re going to drop a J!NX shirt on the three main channels!


There will be an airdrop this Friday (8/31) starting at 1pm. Stay tuned for details!



If you haven't already, check out all of the elite J!NX products!

Account Suspensions

We have recently suspended a significant amount of users accounts for fraudulent and/or automated behavior. We have a zero tolerance policy regarding the use of multiple accounts, automated systems, bots, or any type of device used to create unfair advantages in our giveaways. We’re actively implementing new systems to monitor, detect, and prevent such activity moving forward. Thank you all so much for your cooperation as we work to ensure that our giveaways are run in a fair and equitable manner.

Learn more about our Official Rules: https://community.theta.tv/official-rules/

If you wish to have your account individually reviewed you can do so through our support team: https://support.sliver.tv/hc/en-us/requests/new