Community | Updates Community Newsletter – June 7, 2021

Welcome back to another issue of our community newsletter.Stay in the loop with the following updates! Congrats to our Theta Tryouts Streamkey Recipients A huge thank you to the community for making our first Theta Tryouts event very special. We’ve granted a total of 18 Streamkeys to streamers who were live on the Theta EdgeCast….


Hello Streamer Revamp

What is Hello Streamer? Hello Streamer is a program to help either new or older streamers by promoting their channel on the front page. Streamers will be given Limited Edition crates to users who visit their channel to support. We hope this helps develop and create your own community. What’s changed? Hello Streamer has been…

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ThetaSwap Contest Winners

Here are the winners of the ThetaSwap Tutorial Contest! Watch these great videos to learn more about the ThetaSwap and share them to help spread the word about this new awesome technology we are building. 1st Place 1500 $TFUEL Takeasmoke 2nd Place 1000 $TFUEL PieroElSolo 3rd Place 500 $TFUEL Canopus