Author: thetatv


SLIVER Showdown: Apex Legends #2

Because of our last successful SLIVER Showdown, we are even more excited to continue our series on Apex Legends! With feedback from our affiliates and users of SLIVER, we are glad to come back to another battle for 2nd SLIVER Showdown Champions this weekend! YES! You read that right! Not just a champion but CHAMPIONS…


Apex Legends SLIVER Showdown

We’re excited to bring back some intense SLIVER Tournament action! Catch the SLIVER Apex tournament this weekend to see some wonderful folks from the SLIVER Streamer battle for victory to become the first SLIVER Showdown Champion! Friday, February 15 @ 10am PST


F is for Friends

Put the F in FUN! We’ve got a lot of cool new events, content, and ways to get involved in the SLIVER community! This post provides more info about all the new things that have come to SLIVER as well as more details regarding the events taking place with this new program.