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Grab a friend and come grab a trophy!

Join us on March 4th, 2023 at 11am PT, to compete in a Creator Club Exclusive Fall Guys Tournament! 

We will have a limited time challenge on ThetaDrop to claim our Player Card v2 NFT! 

This Player Card can be claimed to get your spot in this tournament. If you currently own a Creator Club or Creator Club Trick or Treat NFT you will be eligible to claim it. Claims will allow you and a friend (optional) to participate in our tournament! You will have the option to add their name into your signup as well as your own. 

Owners of the previous Player Card NFT can also claim and burn their previous player card for the new one! (Limited Time) 

The challenge goes live on Wednesday March 1st at 1pm PST. 

The last day to claim a Creator Club Player Card will be on March 3rd at 10am PST in order to participate in this event. 


Prizes & Tournament

We will have 4 specific games designated for our exclusive Cashout Tickets.

The first three cashout tickets of those games and then can be claimed for $25 USD in TDrop.

The winner of our final match will receive $100 USD in TDrop. 

Cashout tickets will be airdropped to the winners on Monday March 6th. 

We will have some smaller prizes to give out! Winners and games will be posted in the correlating Discord Channel!

Be sure to join. 


1. All participants will automatically accept following our TOS via Creator/Community Guidelines
2. Failure to comply to our rules, may result in disqualification.
3. Any form of cheating will lead to an automatic disqualification 
4. Only one claim per user. 
5. Spots can be revoked if rules are violated
6. Have fun playing this event!

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