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Join us on Friday February 3rd for an awesome day of re-SURGENCE! 

From 9am to 3pm PDT Admins will be going to different Creator Channels dropping some BIG TFuel Donations and even BIGGER exclusive Event Crates! 

These Crates will have a chance to redeem exclusive Promo Codes for a limited time Surge Event NFT that can only be redeemed by being on that day! 

Creators who sign up to participate on the SURGE day will also receive an NFT Promo Code for themselves and one to give out to a viewer! 

People interested in becoming a creator can also signup for a chance to receive a stream key for this exclusive event! 

Creator Club Challenge

Attention Creator Club Owners! 

There will be an exclusive Surge Day NFT Variant that will be released via a challenge on the dame day! 

There will be a limited time to claim so be sure to keep an eye out on February 3rd and for any announcements leading up to the day. 



1. All participants will automatically accept following our TOS via Creator/Community Guidelines
2. Please note not everyone who streams may not get SURGED. We will do our best to visit as many channels as possible. 
3. Channels that do get surged will be given front page priority during their surge time. 
4. Low Effort Content Channels will not be featured during the event.

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