Theta Throwdown #2: Connect 4 – Feb 18, 2022

Welcome to the Theta Throwdown!

February 18, 2022

Get connected with the Theta Community by competing in this month’s Theta Throwdown! Show off your Connect 4 skills and play to win a part of the great prize pool. 

Register by February 17 @ 5pm PST

Tournament Details


Tournament Rules and Description
Theta Throwdown Connect 4 Tournament – February 18, 2022
Currently scheduled for 5pm PST start
Registration Ends on Feb 17 @ 5pm PST

Prize Pool:
1st place: $100 Steam Credit + 200 TFuel
2nd place: $50 Steam Credit + 100 TFuel
3rd place: $25 Steam Credit + 50 TFuel

Steam Credit must be claimed in Steam Games or Steam Marketplace items (like CS:GO skins)

Game Setup
All event coordinating will be taking place on the Discord. We’ll be likely be utilizing Tournament creation. This tournament will be open to all regions, but we understand this time will favor our NA audience. Stay tuned for an event next month that should be more accessible to our international community!

Tournament Structure:
Tournament bracket will be auto generated via
1 Game Per Round
Single Elimination
Standard 7×6 Board Size
10 Minutes will be allotted to each player per game

Streaming Rules

Every member who will be participating in this event must be streaming on for it’s duration. 
Any participants without a stream key will be granted one. Make sure to register early to get it setup!
No additional stream delay is needed for this event Broadcast

We will be broadcasting as many matches as possible during this tournament on the Events channel. We will be showcasing YOUR streams throughout this event. There will also be a featured section for on the front page for participants. 

In no way should a participant of this tournament do anything to hinder the performance of another contestant in this event. If any one is found to do any activity in this manner, they will be disqualified from this tournament.

Match Issues

Results of disconnects will be automatically decided by the tournament platform.

Contestants must be ready at the start of the event.


We will have a #throwdown-chat and #throwdown-announcements text channels in the to handle tournament operations. We would also request current games to join our match voice channels for additional instructions as needed. Please be attentive to this channel and make sure to report anything that may need attention during the tournament.

Standby Pool

At the beginning of the event we will welcome players to a standby room where they will be fill in for any participants that are a no-show to their match.

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