Community | Updates Community Newsletter – Feb 4, 2022

Welcome back to another issue of our community newsletter.
Stay in the loop with the following updates!

Valentine's Week Events Coming Soon!

Some sweet announcements for events happening the week of Valentine’s Day are coming soon!

We hope this will be a fun experience for the community.

There will be new crates, community game nights, and also a potential ThetaDrop NFT. 

Stream Together, Ride Together Referral Program

Later this month we’ll be releasing a new referral program to share stream keys with the wider community. Keep an eye out for anyone you know who might be interested in being a content creator.

CoinDesk NFT All Stars

Get ready for eye-opening and entertaining conversations about the fast-evolving, exploding world of non-fungible tokens, where niche meets mainstream culture.

Episodes air live weekly Tuesdays at 1pm Pacific.
Click the below to watch the first episode of the series:

Watch That Startup Show

That Startup Show: Reboot the World – ‘Step into the Metaverse’ edition streams weekly on every Wed 5PM PST / Thurs 12PM AEDT. VODs are available after episodes air.

TDROP Launch

The launch of the TDROP token successfully took place on February 1st. 
TDROP is a new TNT-20 token natively built on Theta blockchain, that rewards NFT liquidity mining, provides decentralized governance via TDROP staking, and rewards Theta validators and guardians. Click the link below to learn more about the TDROP launch.

Tigons on ThetaDrop

The Order of the Tigons is a collection of 7,777 unique digital art collectibles inspired by the talented creator and actor, Jon Heder. Don’t miss the main sale on February 11!

More Theta Throwdowns Coming Soon

Thank you to everyone who watched and played in the recent CS:GO Theta Throwdown. We thought this was a really great experience all around. Keep an eye out for another gaming tournament towards the end of this month. 

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