Theta Throwdown #1: CSGO – January 28, 2022

Welcome to the Theta Throwdown!

January 28, 2022

We’re bringing back competitive gaming tournaments to! To kick things off with the game deeply rooted in the history of Theta, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. 

This will be a 5v5 tournament welcoming everyone from the Theta community. CS:GO skins will be found in the prize pool and we’ll be bringing back Watch & Win CS:GO skins for those watching the tournament live stream. 


Register your team by January 26 @ 11:59pm PST!

Tournament Details


Tournament Rules and Description
Theta Throwdown CS:GO Tournament – January 28, 2022
Currently scheduled for 4pm PST start

Prize Pool:
1st Place Team: 5x AK-47 Vulcan (Field Tested) [~$555 USD Value]
2nd Place Team: 5x 
USP-S | Kill Confirmed (Field Tested) [~$275 USD Value]
3rd Place Team: 5x 
M4A1-S | Hyper Beast (Field Tested) [~$110 USD Value]

Game Setup
All event coordinating will be taking place on the Discord. We’ll be utilizing servers to play the matches and observe for the stream. This tournament will be open to all regions, but we’ll be defaulting to North American servers.

Updated Rule (Jan 27, 2022):
Seeing a lot of entries from EU regions, to provide the best possible experience for everyone we will be seeding the bracket while considering your regions. This means most of you should be able to play on a server in your region during the first round.

In the case where we have we have a match against NA vs EU teams:
Game 1: NA Server
Game 2 : EU Server
Game 3 (if needed): NA Server
*This rule was made as we originally stated as we would default to NA servers*

Tournament Structure (RO16):
Single Elimination Tournament Bracket
Best of 3 matches
Teams will be seeded randomly (based on region)
We’ll be using the current CS:GO competitive config and map rotation (
Inferno, Mirage, Nuke, Overpass, Dust II, Vertigo, Ancient)

Map Ban Phase: 
Team 1 ban
Team 2 ban
Team 1 pick
Team 2 pick
Team 1 ban
Team 2 ban
Last remaining map is the 3rd map

Streaming Rules

At least 1 member of your team must be streaming on during the tournament.
You must have your delay set to at least 180 seconds (3 minutes) when you are streaming, failing to do so may result in the disqualification of your team. Broadcast

We will be broadcasting as many matches as possible during this tournament on the Events channel. We’ve also allocated CS:GO skins that can be won by viewers by making predictions during the event!


In no way should a participant of this tournament do anything to hinder the performance of another contestant in this event. If any one is found to do any activity in this manner, they will be disqualified from this tournament.

Match Issues

For no-shows in this tournament if you fail to respond within a fair given time frame you may be forfeited from the tournament.

Contestants must be ready to start matches as communicated by the referees.

All forfeits will be handled and made by the judgement of

All forfeits to be valid will be reported by the players for them to seek if the match should be replayed and or a forfeit of the match
In the event of a disconnect, the kills at the point of disconnect shall stand. The disconnect time shall be counted as time of death.


We will have a #throwdown-chat and #throwdown-announcements text channels in the to handle tournament operations. We would also request current games to join our match voice channels for additional instructions as needed. Please be attentive to this channel and make sure to report anything that may need attention during the tournament.

Standby Pool

At the beginning of the event we will welcome players to a standby room where they will be fill in for any participants that are a no-show to their match.

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