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THETA Trick or Treat!

Trick or Treat NFT!

It’s Halloween time on and we want to see your spooky spirit this October! 

We have a very special and limited edition “Trick or Treat” NFT on THETA Drop for those who share with us their Halloween spirit! 

How to receive the NFT:
– Create your most spooky THETA themed Halloween post on twitter! 
– We want to see costumes, homemade treats, pumpkin carvings, funny jump scares, etc! 
– Tweet your Halloween-THETA inspired content with your THETADrop Username at @THETAtv and @ThetaDrop using the hashtag  #ThetaToT 

We will showcase your posts during our  pumpkin carving Stream on October 31st at 1pm PDT. During this stream we will also reveal NFT art and it will be dropped into participants THETA Drop accounts!
Submission Deadline to receive the drop will be Thursday October 28th. 

Anybody can receive this NFT! 

Pumpkin Carving Stream and NFT Drop!

On October 31st  at 1pm PDT we will have a fun Pumpkin carving stream where the users can join Smith as he carves a spooky pumpkin live on stream! 

The NFT design will be revealed during the stream and all of the NFT’s will be given out to those participating in the event. 


Please make sure to join our Discord to keep track of any Trick or Treat updates! We will have a dedicated channel for post viewing. 


1. All participants will withhold our TOS via Streamer/Community Guidelines
2. Failure to comply to our rules, may result in disqualification.
3. Any form of stolen, illegal, or inappropriate content will lead to an automatic disqualification 
4. Only one submission per user
5. Have fun showing off your unique post! 


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