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THETA’s Got Talent

Have your talent made into an NFT on ThetaDrop!

We want to showcase your talent on THETA.TV! From musical performances to quirky tricks, we want to see it all!

The Top community-voted submissions may be featured in our upcoming Creator NFT Drop on THETADrop! 

How to Enter:
– Film and upload a video of your Talent to!
– Tweet your video link at @THETAtv by using the hashtag  #ThetasGotTalent
– We will then either showcase your video or contact you (by September 23rd ) for a possible live performance of your talent! 
– On October 4th we will reveal and release the THETA’s Got Talent Creator NFT Drop Live on stream where people can actually purchase the NFT Right after the announcement! 
– Submission Deadline is September 23rd at 10am PDT

Videos will be voted by the community to see who made the best and most talented video! 

Anybody can enter the show! 

Talent Show Stream and LIVE NFT Drop!

We are so excited to announce that a select few of the top performances/videos will be featured in our upcoming ThetaDrop Creator NFT Drop for  

On Friday September 24th at 3pm Pacific Time,  we will have a live stream event showcasing some of the best videos! The community will get to vote on this day for the top video performances will determine who gets featured in the Drop! 

On Friday October 4th, we will showcase our finalists and reveal their NFT Drop on ThetaDrop! Right after the announcement the limited edition Drop will be available for purchase for a very short time. 

We are so excited to Mint this event on and we can’t wait to see who gets featured in this drop! 


Please make sure to join our Discord and look for the #THETAsGotTalent channels to review our current entries, vote for your favorite video, or if you have any other questions! 


1. All participants will automatically accept following our TOS via Streamer/Community Guidelines
2. Failure to comply to our rules, may result in disqualification.
3. Any form of stolen, illegal, or inappropriate content will lead to an automatic disqualification 
4. Only one submission per user
5. Have fun showing off your unique talent! 
6. Those selected for the NFT Drop on ThetaDrop will be approached with the appropriate details and contracts regarding the drop. 
5. Reserves the final decision of the NFT Drop and those who may participate in it


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