Hello Streamer Revamp

What is Hello Streamer?

Hello Streamer is a program to help either new or older streamers by promoting their channel on the front page.
Streamers will be given Limited Edition crates to users who visit their channel to support.
We hope this helps develop and create your own community.

What's changed?

Hello Streamer has been on THETAtv for a whole year and many of the participated streamers had a great experience.

To improve the quality of this program, we thought it was time we made some changes.
If selected, Sparklez should email you with more details.

1. Streamers are now required to submit video entry.
2. Front Page is now extended to a week of visibility.
3. Streamers must also have an event planned for that week.


About the changes

Video Submission

 This information is also on the sign up form
1. You must include who you are on Thetatv
2. Include fun facts about (EdgeNode, Blockchain, Crypto etc)
3. When you stream and what do you play the most.
4. You can add more to the video to make yourself stand out.

ie “I am SPARKLEZ and I stream on THETAtv because I like the community.
I mainly stream art and sometimes TFT. THETAtv is the only place where you can earn Tfuel while I watch my
favorite streamers. I stream on Mon-Friday from 10AM-3PM”

How can I be part of Hello Streamer as a Streamer?

You can apply by clicking on the Sign Up button below!
Once you fill out the form, Sparklez should message you 1-2 weeks if you were selected or not.
Please make sure you read everything and fill out the form correctly.

Streamers who were recommended by another streamer will get priority from submitting.

Front Page

Front page visibility went from a 3 hour time frame to 1 week time frame.
Because of this extension,  you do need to create an event of some sort to pitch.
You do not have to stream all week, the time frame will be within the week you chose when applying.
We will also only provide Hello Streamer Crates, so no extra prizes on our end.

ie. 1 week streams of you hosting a Valorant tournament.

For any other questions, feel free to message in the Hello Streamer Chat in our Discord Server

I’m just a user, what can I do to help the streamer?


Simply tuning into the candidate’s channel will be their support! You can also post on social for #HelloStreamer to promote them. You can also suggest a streamer that you believe deserves to be on the front page for a week.


Do I get anything for tuning in and supporting the streamer?

You may get a chance to receive a Hello Streamer crate. This crate will have limited edition NFTs via Badges and Emotes. Tune in and chat to any of the candidates on the front page and see if they gift you a crate!

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