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Come Join us for LATAM WEEK on!

We’ve got a great lineup of notable content creators coming from the Latin America region. 


Learn about the creators and tune into some entertaining streams during LATAM Week!

Collect exclusive NFTs from these creators during their streams.

Wednesday, Feb 10 - JiniChannel

Originally from South Korea, this JiniChannel covers Korean Trending Topics ranging from beauty, fashion, make up, diet, KPOP, KDrama, and even cooking in Spanish. 

Thursday, Feb 11 - Yapura Meri

Yapura makes videos drawing and talking nonsense about life all with the goal of having a good time

Tuesday, Feb 12 - Hitomi Flor

A talented singer with popular song covers and original songs. 

Friday , Feb 13 - Jósema

Jósema is a Venezuelan singer, songwriter, broadcaster and music producer who is making life in the world of music thanks to his love for pop culture and the world of Korean entertainment.

Sunday , Feb 14 - B2 Dance Group

B2 Dance Group, a K-pop cover group from São Paulo has made some of the most popular Kpop cover videos on the internet. Their most popular videos include the KPOP in Public Challenge.

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