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Hey Teddy here!

Congrats on getting your stream key and it’s time to go over the Dashboard. Below will be a list of points and descriptions on what each parts are for on your Dashboard.

Please make sure you go over these to fully understand your Dashboard.

Let’s get started!


  • The users can see your notifications, for example, when you open a giveaway, who won a giveaway, chatting etc

  • You can also see the level of each of the viewers, if they’re subscribed, manage chat, gifting items etc.

  • All you would need to do is click their name. A pop up should show up prior to clicking on their name.

Actions in Chat

You can gift items to users or add them as a mod.

To do this, click on their Username and a pop-up window should show up.

Below is what each section will essentially do for you.

*For giveaways please look at the Giveaway Section for more help*  
View  a users profile, how many badges they have and when they joined.
Gifting a user an item of your choosing.

Gifting a user the mod title, becoming your moderator.

Time out users who violate your rules and our ToS.
When you’ve timed out and warned multiple times, you can ban user.


You can find your active giveaways on the bottom left corner of your dashboard.

To open a giveaway, please head over to the Actions portion on the bottom right corner of the Dashboard.
Once you go to the actions area, click on Create Giveaway.
Once you click on Create Giveaway, a pop up should open.

This box you can choose from 3 choices; Supply Drop, Inventory or Custom Items then click save.

Now go back to Actions box, your Create Giveaway button should change to Open Giveaway.

Users in the Chat box will see that you opened it.

*IMPORTANT* Please make sure that the button has changed to Open/Close giveaway. Spamming to create may cause problems down the line. Please be patient to this transition.


Please make sure you make Predictions before closing Giveaways*

Closing Giveaway

Once you’re ready to close:

1. With the same button, click on Draw Giveaway.
This will draw a winner

2. The button will change to Close Giveaway, click on it and it will close officially.

*Please make sure to wait till the button changes to the choices above.*


Once you open a giveaway, make sure you add a prediction.

A new button should pop up, Add Prediction.

Ask a question and add a single/multiple options for viewers to participate in your giveaway.

Once done, click create.

You can find the prediction under the Giveaway box.

Once you create a prediction, follow these steps:

1. Open Prediction for users to answer

2. When ready to end the prediction, Close Prediction

3. Click on Answer to answer the prediction.


Under the Actions box click on Create Poll.

Add a question and a couple of options

Click on Create afterwards

Under the stream box, you can find your current polls.

This will show you when users answer your polls.

Make sure to click open to start.

Click on the same button, Close, to end the poll.


You can find Stream in the middle of your dashboard.

1. This will show you a preview of your live stream video

2. Your online/offline status

3. Shows your current game and Stream title. You can change your game by clicking on the game icon on the left. You can also change your stream title by click on the title as well.


This is where you can see who followed and who donated.

On the top right corner, there is a drop down menu.

Click on the arrow pointing down to change to follow, donations or subs.


This is where you can do multiple actions for your channel.

1. Clips – Clip a memorable moment when you streamed.

2. Raid – raid another channel, only available while you’re online

3. Send Notification – Send a message to your followers

4. Create poll – Ask your viewers a question via poll to fill out

5. Create Giveaway – Create a giveaway for viewers to participate in

6. Report Stream Issue – Having issues on your stream? Click here to report it.

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