THETAVERSE Expeditions


After hearing all of the stories from our THETAVERSE explorers, now it is time for you to explore the THETAVERSE and we want to see YOUR story. The universe is a huge place and we want to experience all of the stories of everyone in our community to see what makes our THETAVERSE so unique.

What that means for you:

Make your very own introductory video showcasing what makes you amazing and what you use to make all the magic happen. All submissions have the chance at getting to run their own planet or even a chance for a #streamkeyplz. 

You only have until the end of September to submit your video on Twitter to the tag #THETAVerseExpeditions.  Hope to hear your stories soon!


For some inspiration check out some of our explorers expeditions below!

As we count down to the official launch of Season 4, we will be sharing some stories of the expeditions we have had on THETAtv. The  THETAVERSE Streamer Expeditions is a time for us to visit some of the content creators we have on the platform and hear the stories of what brought them to where they are today.  Come join us throughout the next couple of weeks to relive the journeys of some of our top streamers!



Who’s MrColdHollow?

I go by MrColdHollow or just Hollow. I joined Theta back in 2018 when it was still Sliver and have been here ever since!
I live in Vermont with my wife and twin daughters. I started streaming back in 2016 and have loved the grind! I like to consider myself a variety streamer but do lean towards FPS games. I love being an entertainer and welcome everyone to my channel. My goal with content creation is to have a space where everyone can have some fun. I am not the next Ninja but I am the best gaming Yeti out there!




Bring your questions and hang out with today’s streamer!

Going live at 3PM PST


Catch the video here!




Who’s Sloppyderek?

Hey it’s me your boy sloppyderek.

I’ve been on Theta since before Theta was Theta , that’s right I’m a Sliver OG.

I live in Ontario Canada with my wife and cat. I became a full time streamer in 2018 and haven’t looked back (partially because it impossible to turn my head completely backwards). I have a saltwater fish tank that I’m pretty sure it has a war lord crab (seriously fish keep going missing and I think it’s the crab)

I play a lot of first person shooters and love Mario. My goal is to be entertaining, if I can make you feel welcomed and have a good time then I’ve achieved my goal.

So if you want to see a person not very good at video games come watch me. Oh did I mention I have a cat?! She’s awesome.


Love you all.




Check out his channel here!




Who’s Tomasina?

I’m Tomasina! I’m a variety streamer who loves sharing my discoveries, big wins, and (lots of) big losses in games. I play mainly platformers and survival games but always love to try new things. My channel is all about embracing the unknown, jumping right in, and sharing some laughs along the way.




Check out her channel here!



Watch  her lovely introduction video!




Who’s Geneon?

My name is Gage, long time gamer, I work in IT. Married, three daughters.

THETAtv Moderator, always here to answer questions. I stream a lot of VR but play a variety of games.



Check him out anytime in his channel below!



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