Custom Streamer Panels

Spice up your channel pages by customizing your your panels.

We've add more features to channel panels to allow streamers to have more customization options for their channel pages. You can use these panels for so many different things like sharing your stream schedule, space for your sponsors, and whatever you think would be valuable for your viewers to know.

In this page, we'll show you some quick steps to set up these panels on your own!

Step 1: Head to the channel settings page to add a custom panel.

At the bottom of your channel settings page, you'll now see an option to add new custom panels. Start by finding this button to get started creating your own custom panels.

Step 2: Customize your new custom panel

Each custom panel has a variety of options for you to customize. You are able to add your own custom text, image, url link, and button to each panel.

The recommended image width for custom panel images is 480px.

In addition you are able to order how your custom panels are displayed by setting an order number. Make sure to set your custom panel to active if you want it to be visible on your channel.

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