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Hello Everyone! Welcome to the page!

For this event, it's simple, all you have to do is stream yourself creating a key cap design on June 5th!
Once you've completed your master piece, remember to submit the final product as well! Please put all of your submissions in the #designtogether channel, once this is up that is.

Altcustoms and the community will vote for the best design!
Once the event is live, we will post how to vote via: #designtogether channel

Prizes will be announced the day of the event~



Don't have a stream key? Sign up for the Edge Node to start streaming!

If you REALLY can't stream for whatever reason, you may also participate, please contact SPARKLEZ first before signing up.


Day: June 5th, 2020 10AM-5PM PST

Time: 10AM-5PM PST / 1PM - 9PM EST/ 6PM-2AM GMT

Entry Rules

◦ Must have an art program such as; Photoshop, Illustrator, Clipstudios etc, to participate.
◦ If you want to design a key cap irl, please let SPARKLEZ know
◦ Everything needs to be PG13 (No mature content)
◦ Streamers can Co-Op with each other, however, prizes will be split among them.
◦ You must fill out the form below to be eligible to be a part of the competition.
◦ You must be in the Discord server to be a part of this event. All communications will be done through this server as well as to confirm your participation in the event.
◦ You MUST have a account to receive prizes.


Top 5: Custom Printed Logo on keycap, courtesy of Altcustoms
Best Designer bragging rights

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