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Season 3 Summer

Slip N Slide into a brand new Season on

Get ready for a Season 3 Summer on With summer just around the corner, we've got tons of summer themed planned for this season. Keep your eye out on these events, emotes, and many more new things coming!

Season 3 Patch Notes

Streaming 2.0:
We've started migrating streamers to our new streaming infrastructure.

• Everyone should have access to these features soon!
• Automatic channel turn on/off. Just hit "Start Streaming" in OBS to go live!
• Live Thumbnails updated every minute
• Automatically broadcast "Go Live" notifications after 5 minutes
• Automated error reporting, for quicker fixes by THETA staff
• Clips will be added in a future update.

Streamer Dashboard:
• Polls, giveaways, and notifications added to the dashboard
• Channel Setting accessible through dashboard
• Raid countdown timer reduced to 15 seconds
• Updated dashboard chat to closer resemble main channel chat

Mobile Web:
• Released a version of for mobile web
• Profile picture change is available now on the mobile website

General Updates:
• Prediction Cap increased to 1000


Get your hands on these brand new emotes. Keep your eye out for many more exclusive emotes.


Get involved in the fun by being a part of upcoming events.

Find out what Cliff thinks of your G FUEL Mix.

Friday, May 8th 
12pm PT / 3pm ET / 9pm CEST

You know the best G FUEL Mix? Prove it. Mix your favorite G FUEL flavors live on stream between 12-2pm PT and you may be visited by Cliff Morgan, CEO of G FUEL, to give his thoughts on your creative concoctions.

Cliff will be personally dropping by THETA streamers’ channels and choosing his favorite mixes, awarding the grand prize winner with a 1-year supply of G FUEL!

Cooking THETA

May 8, 2020 - May 15, 2020

Hello everyone! Introducing Cooking Theta!

Do you enjoy cooking? Do you think you're the best cook in the world? Participate in this event and show them your skills!

Stream yourself cooking on THETA. Upload your video to Twitter then post it in the THETA Discord Channel, #CookingTheta! Remember to include #CookingTheta and of course #THETAtv.


New Crates

We'll be releasing some new crates throughout the season. Each one of them contains some brand new exciting summer goodies. There will be many ways to get your hands on one so stay tuned.

Season 3 Merch

Get your hands on this masterfully design line of merch designed by legendary esports fashion designer n00blet!

Get your hands on this limited run of Apparel this season.


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