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1st) Dude Maguders (MVP lethalfactor ) - 102 points
2nd) Get The Gaming on Baby! - 88 points
3rd) LEGGYS - 76 points

Get ready to go to drop in the Warzone!

Get your guns loaded and squads together because everyone is welcome to join our Warzone competition powered by Vincero Watches!


CoD: Warzone Squads Competition


Friday, March 27 starting at 3PM (Pacific)


We'll be posting a list of channels participating on Thursday, March 26.

Teams Competing

Team Name Player #1 THETA.tv Username Player #1 Stream URL Player #2 THETA.tv Username Player #2 Stream URL Player #3 THETA.tv Username
Player #3 Stream URL
AKA PrinceMorii https://princemorii.theta.tv TheGreat https://twitch.tv/TheGames4Real HamadaKadabra
Carboys taelios http://taelios.theta.tv panfrie none
Ginger Ninja's Wolfy https://www.theta.tv/wolfy Gripzy https://www.twitch.tv/callmegripzy ItzLewis121
Double Double With Grilled Onions nackd https://www.theta.tv/nackd jurburbz https://www.twitch.tv/jurburbz ijnebenji
We Carry Munster MunsterMicky https://www.theta.tv/munstermicky CameronSaw MattHDGamer
Get The Gaming on Baby! Mrtwreksthefry https://www.theta.tv/mrtwreksthefry Flash599 https://www.twitch.tv/mistertwreksthefry TechnicallyWild
Team Juicy YTN1DaddyPulse https://theta.tv/aaronbrowndevil VitalityYT103 1UpTopOwl
Duder maguders Lethal Vesi Bigdadkid
LEGGYS Nicko https://www.theta.tv/nicko Chodeious ConstrictAJD
Warzone Warriors Sam1188 https://www.theta.tv/sam1188 Loco https://www.theta.tv/locoszoot Memeasaurusrex
Ok Boomers Indo https://www.theta.tv/indo yahhdopey ChiggityChang
CovidCrew SuitingRex https://www.theta.tv/suitingrex ilegendchuck https://www.theta.tv/suitingrex ilegendchuck
ValleyBoys CapnCucumber https://www.theta.tv/capncucumber Insaneshane1 Unholy454
Go Up Jack Gogeta http://theta.tv/Gogeta HyeJck http://theta.tv/HyeJck mr uplift
Pumpkin idoabr https://idoabr.theta.tv/ yarinbels123 https://twitch.tv/yarinbels
Coronials Classyozz https://www.theta.tv/classyozz Doct0rme Wafflefamily
Team Vice Exalite https://www.theta.tv/exalite Gunter https://www.theta.tv/exalite jav12014
TeamTNT TeamTNT https://www.theta.tv/teamtnt Talia69 https://www.theta.tv/taliamarisia Gabby900
Raiders Of The Lost Gulag UGotGlocked https://www.theta.tv/ugotglocked Tomasina https://www.theta.tv/tomasina dajokaman759
Volume Xero OPADI29 https://www.theta.tv/opadi29 Iamacaptian NoobiscusTV
Team Mayor MayorReynoldWP https://www.theta.tv/mayorreynoldswp ThatSlickNick https://www.theta.tv/thatslicknick StepOutsideYourBox
The Cucumber Peelers sgtpixie https://www.theta.tv/sgtpixie Rickoil slightlyfaulty
dontforgettokissyourhomiesgoodnight CAPNCOCKPUNCH http://www.Twitch.tv/capncockpunch Nickwerkz CryptoViking
Jim & The Bodyguards deicide https://www.theta.tv/deicide Joefosho https://www.theta.tv/joefosho grimchief
The Loud Cowboys Rancherito https://www.theta.tv/Rancherito Vulcanlg https://www.theta.tv/vulcanlg CrystalMat
COVID-19 Daville_ https://www.twitch.tv/daville_ Angrypanda85 https://www.twitch.tv/angrypanda85 czechmate
EK_ISOLATION EKZOOT https://www.twitch.tv/st0ney00 NEAVYHD squigerly007
Millennial Militia MrColdHollow http://www.theta.tv/mrcoldhollow xgh0st042x https://www.theta.tv/xgh0st042x Itsshnaptime
LegMetaArmy HumanTripod https://www.theta.tv/humantripod codzombiemaniac https://www.theta.tv/codzombiemaniac
the rebellion lady rebel https://www.theta.tv/ladyrebel ran https://www.twitch.tv/random__showoff junitlojr88


1st Place Team will receive Exclusive Vincero Season 2 T-Shirts, 15,000 TFuel, and a spot in the Hall of Fame. The player with the most total kills (from eligible games) on this team will receive a luxury Vincero Watch!

2nd Place Team will receive exclusive Vincero crates and 10,000 TFuel

3rd Place Team will receive exclusive Vincero crates and 5,000 TFuel

Entry Rules

  1. You must fill out the form below to be eligible to be a part of the competition.
  2. At least 1 member of your squad has to be live streaming (on any platform) during this competition. We will have referees checking out different channels to ensure fair play.
  3. You must be in the THETA.tv Discord server to be a part of this event. All communications will be done through this server as well as to confirm your participation in Warzone & Watches.
  4. You MUST have a THETA.tv account to receive prizing.


Platform: PC, Playstation, Xbox
Format: Public Matchmaking
Time Limit: 2 Hours
Any game started within 10 minutes of the tournament's end time will not be counted.
Game Limit: 20 Games Max
Leaderboard Determined By: Kills & Victories in Eligible Games
Eligible Games = Best 5 (highest scoring) Games

1 Point: Each Elimination

5 Points: Game Victory

In the event of a tie between two (2) or more teams, the following tiebreakers will be used:

Number of Victories in Eligible Games
Number of Kills in Eligible Games
Average Placement in Eligible Games
Total Points Scored in All Games

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