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Voices of Vincero

Watch the FINAL SHOW CASE -March 20 @ 3pm (PDT)!


American Idol-style Singing Competition


Submissions your audition by Wednesday (3/18)
Finals showcase for Voices of Vincero will be on Friday (3/20)


Watch all auditions live on stream Weds at 3 pm (PDT) and don't miss the finals on Friday at 3 pm (PDT)!

How to Enter

Post your most unique singing audition between 15-120s on Twitter, be sure to include #VoicesOfVincero @VinceroWatches @THETATV
(You will also able to submit via Discord)


Acapella or live instrument only
2 entries allowed


Most Unique Performance: Vincero Watch

Fan Favorite Performance: Vincero Watch

Judge's Pick Performance: Vincero Watch

Any contestants who are picked to have their performance in the final showcase and do not win another prize will receive a Vincero x T-Shirt.

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