TFUEL Affiliate Top Donator Program

Are you a TFuel Affiliate that wishes you had a Top Donator program just like the Partners do? Wish no longer!

The one Affiliate with the largest total donation amount at the end of the month (September 30th) will get a SLIVER Jersey. On top of that, their top donator will ALSO get a free SLIVER Jersey!

Ends September 30th
All TFuel Affiliates as of today are eligible


1) deicide

2) JokerOG

3) Kursed

4) nastrand

5) xgh0st042x

Updated 9/30 @ 5:00pm PDT (00:00 UTC)

Program Details

The TFuel Affiliate and their Top Donator with the MOST donations during the month of September 2019 will win a SLIVER Jersey!
All donations for the month of September will be added up equaling your Total Donations. The Affiliate with the most Total Donations will win a SLIVER Jersey.

The User that has donated the most TFuel (through gifting, donations or subs) on the channel with the most Total Donations will win a SLIVER jersey.

Donations will only be counted from 12:00 AM UTC on September 1st to 11:59 PM UTC on September 30th.

All TFuel Affiliates as of September 11th are eligible to participate.
All SLIVER users (including Partners and other Affiliates) are eligible to participate and donate to affiliates.

Any method of artificially raising your donations will be subject to disqualification.

Any prizes granted for winning or participating in a tournament or giveaway are not considered donations and will not count to your total.

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