Recent Updates 9/5/2019

Coins Update

In the effort to re-balance our coin economy, we have made a few significant changes to coins.
-All coin/ticket packs will have reduced values
-Predictions will be limited to 5 boosts
-Coin and Cap Buffs will be limited to 1 at a time
-Coin and Cap Buffs will have lowered multipliers
-Coins can only be earned from one channel
-Prediction Crates can only be won or be personally given out by streamers
-Coin cap is now at 25k, everyone was set back to 20k initially, so the chances are fair
-Users earn 10 coins/minute from only one channel at a time.

Supply Drops

We wanted to put more tools in the hands of SLIVER streamers to reward engaged viewers. The following are some key points of the Supply Drops update.

1. TFuel Streamers now have the ability to directly grant you an item such as a G FUEL shaker, crates, skins, and more.
2. Crates are now Items you can win in Streamer Giveaways or be given to by a TFuel Streamer
3. SLIVER Stars now have Live Giveaways running in our Spotlight Section
4. New Prizes Given out each week (subject to change)

Streamer Guidelines

We've added an overview page of our streamer guidelines. Feel free to read the guidelines here: https://community.theta.tv/streamer-guidelines/

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