Splitgate on SLIVERtv partners up with Splitgate to bring you EXCLUSIVE TFuel gun skins, redeemable on Steam, available NOW!

How do I get the exclusive TFuel skin?

1) Store

This is the most reliable way to get an exclusive TFuel Splitgate skin. Watch TFuel streams to earn enough to purchase the skin from the store here!

2) Airdrops

Watch our TFuel streamers for hot tips as to when the secret Splitgate skin airdrops are. Here’s the schedule…

RonnieKrazy : Friday 10am-11am PDT
Skacle : Saturday 10am-11am PDT
Parag0n : Sunday 4-5pm
Orohdeo : Monday 12-1pm PDT
Dubpace : Tuesday 1-2pm PDT
Earlball : Wednesday 4-5pm PDT

3) Giveaways

Enter our Splitgate skin giveaway for a chance to be one of the 100 winners! Be sure to follow Splitgate and SLIVER on social media for extra entries.

4) Crates

Watch Splitgate and predict the match on our 24/7 Twitch channel. Any correct prediction and you’ll get a free Splitgate crate, which has a 1% chance to drop the exclusive skin! Good luck...



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