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 You don’t want to miss out on these prizes that you can win for FREE, including MSI Infinite X Desktop, MSI MPG27C Monitor, 4x Bundles of Method Merch, x10 WoWhead pin sets, and 6 months of WoW gametime. This drawing is scheduled for September 21st - the end date is scheduled to change based on the Uldir raid progress.

Common Method Crates

These WoW Method crates are stocked full of goodies like Method Merch, WoW gametime, WoW mousepads, toys, and much more!

Epic Method Crates

Every day at the following times there will be an orange EPIC Method crate which has a 5x drop rate on the big prizes:

12pm PST / 3pm EST / 9pm CEST
8pm PST / 11pm EST / 5am CEST
4am PST / 7am EST / 1pm CEST

WoW Content all month long!

Watch Method streamers progress in Uldir PvE raid, as well as PvP arenas, battlegrounds, and more! The more you watch, the more coins you earn, giving you more chances to win the daily and grand giveaways.

Want to get featured for WoW?

Stream WoW with the SLIVERtv community tag on for a chance to get featured on our new WoW channel!

WoW gametime winners:

IVBaldwin, laamasd, stunknowns, bangbang79, P0w3rDr3ad1000, lichlings, Doubledotp, ReThif, BeFriendly, keionn

WoWhead pin winners:

Kukajda, detank16, pureeclipse13, demonixx89, MakeMakeOutHill, delacruzjoser, hahageorg, PassenderKarl, Dragg, dodevrouw

Method Merch winners:
Hotpots, Pejapes, clcalster, Chiifin

MSI PC: Mrtwreksthefry

MSI monitor: Dankostr


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