SLIVER Stars – Get Featured on SLIVERtv!

Want to have your stream featured on SLIVER?

At random times throughout SLIVER Stars, we will be featuring streamers who are LIVE in the SLIVERtv Twitch community. SLIVER community's favorite SLIVER Stars streamers will also be offered there very own SLIVER channel!

How to Get Featured

  1. Join the SLIVERtv Twitch Community
  2. Stream at least 720p
  3. Have notifications active
  4. Have a facecam
  5. We'll be picking LIVE channels to feature on SLIVER

Also feel free to tweet us @SLIVERtv360 and / or post that your live in #live channel in our Discord

What to Do When You're on SLIVER!

  1. Say 'Hi' to all of your friends from SLIVER
  2. Be Yourself
  3. Have Fun
  4. Pop in chat so the SLIVERBots can add your info to the stream

Make sure to adhere to our Community Guidelines when you are featured. Your channel will be immediately removed in the case your content is inappropriate.
Please do not come in chat or contact SLIVERBots directly in the attempt to have your channel featured on SLIVER. Doing so may cause your channel to be exempt from this program. If you have any questions, please contact SLIVERSaltBot#8049 in Discord.

Get a SLIVER Stars Badge!

All streamers who are featured on SLIVER Stars will receive a SLIVER Stars Badge! 

You can also earn a SLIVER Stars Badge during the SLIVER SURGE (Fridays at 1PM-3PM PST)

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